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I want to be able to have a week like the last every week of my life! 

In case you don't know for the last week I have been running around London (mainly Leicester Square) filming parts of the BFI London film festival for my film show for the student television station I help run.

Basically every morning we went and saw a press screening of an awesome film, followed by a press conference with the director, writer and actors of that film, then some afternoons we interviewed film directors, followed up with the premiere of that mornings film in the evening, for some we even got to do interviews on the red carpet!  I wish this was my life...I could do without the insanely early mornings every day but if I got to watch an incredible film I think it's worth it! 

Highlight of the week (in a week of highlights!) was definitely being on the red carpet and getting the autographs of Helena Bonham-Carter and Colin Firth!! (Btw when The Kings Speech comes out in cinemas I highly recommend going to see it!) 

I have also learnt that professional tv press are really no different to student tv stations and they are all really very lovely friendly people!  Unlike the papparazzi who are just sharks and have no sympathy for the poor person they celebs manage to keep upright in the onslaught of flashes they get at red carpet events I will never know...especially in their HUGE heels!  Seriously, respect! 

Oh and also the toilets at the May Fair Hotel are much nicer than those at The Berkeley (I mean at the May Fair there was sweets, incense, relaxing music, individual was sooo posh; The Berkeley just had a lot of marble and flannels.)

But that has been by far the best week of my life to this point and I'm so sad it's over.  I guess I'll just have to make a career of it once I've graduated from uni! : )


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