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2011-01-07 05:50 pm

Sherlock Q&A

 OMG!  I love Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat!  It was INCREDIBLE!  There's soooo much to say!

I've put it under a cut because there is SO much to say! )
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2011-01-05 04:54 pm

And relax...

 Thought I'd update you on the phone fiasco, if any of you were interested, which you're probably not but I shall update you anyway! Mwhaha.

So yeah my new phone is now, finally, able to send and receive picture messages, problem fixed.  I still haven't cancelled my old contract, apparently despite receiving the phone in the post today they don't process it for another 2 they really get that many phones being returned?  Anyway I know for sure that cancelling the contract will be ok, I asked this time.  I am now, relatively, stress free...I was so happy I even made up a little song (which I will spare you) and danced around my room, honestly it was such a relief!

Now I can be all excited and manic over going to the Sherlock Q&A tomorrow, which is as things should be! :D

Oh also I posted a new fic on my fic journal the other day (some of you may have seen it already) it's a genderswap and kid!fic and hopefully the first part of a series I'm going to be writing.  Click on the link if you want to read: New Arrivals
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2011-01-05 01:12 am
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Phone rage

 OMG I hate phones.  I hate them with a passion and the companies that sell them!  

After all that stress about the stupid internet allowance on my new phone I finally decided to return it and go for the other phone I was thinking of getting.  Which meant I had to return the phone in the post, but since it was a Sunday the post office was shut and then it was a bank holiday so I finally went in and sent that phone back today.  I had to call up the company on Sunday and tell them I wanted to return it and to cancel the upgrade, the first guy just told me to post it back within the 7day trial period but because of the post office being shut I couldn't so I called them up again and this guy told me it had to be put through on the system, which the other guy hadn't done!  Good job I had to call them up again or I'd be stuck with that stupid deal.

Anyway I went and bought my new phone and it was all going splendidly until I realised today that for some reason it won't receive picture messages, which okay isn't all that important but I want to see pictures!  I did everything they told me to do, literally everything, and it still isn't working!  Why is it not simple? Why!  

So now I've got to sort that out, and I've got to call up the company of my old phone and cancel that contract because they wouldn't do it before they had the phone back (fair enough really) and I'm really worried I won't be able to cancel it for some reason!  

This was supposed to be a nice relaxing break from uni and it was all going so well until this!  Fingers crossed everything works out tomorrow, if not I may actually breakdown.

Apologies for the rant - if you want a happy ending of sorts I'm going to the Sherlock Q&A session with flecalicious on Thursday and then we're going to have a squeefest the next day followed by xbox times!  Maybe this is why the phones have been annoying - the epicness of Thursday has to be balanced by something I suppose.
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2010-12-03 01:46 am
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First OMG moment of today:

The amazing and fantastic and totally incredible [ profile] flecalicious got tickets for us both to go to a screening of Sherlock on the 6th Jan!  It'll be on the big screen and will be followed by a Q&A session with Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat!!!!!!!!  :D 

I have honestly not stopped squeeing about this since she told me!  I'm honestly now looking forward to the 6th January more than Christmas at this point!

I think there are a few tickets left so if you're interested go here!  It's in Clapham, South of London...OMG I'm so excited!!

The other OMG moment of today was Misfits!  I won't say any spoilers in case some people watch it but haven't seen it yet...but OMG what the hell???  How could they do that to us?  :'(

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2010-12-01 08:30 pm
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OMG, it's soooo cold!!  My housemates have turned into heating nazis!  If I put the heating on for an hour I have to make a note of it so that we can 'evenly' split the gas bill at the end of the month!  What they don't seem to have realised is that if I put the heating on for an hour, that heats the entire house and means that they won't need to put the heating on later, which they would have to have done if I hadn't put the heating on!  Uh, it's ridiculous!  So I'm sitting in a house barely reaching 14 degrees's freezing! (Ok it's warmer than outside which is someting like -7 celsius at the moment but indoors should be warmer than this!)

Plus where is the snow?  Everywhere in the UK seems to have snow except here!  Now is the perfect time for it too coz I don't need to drive anywhere; if snow keeps me here with the heating nazis over Christmas I will be wanting words with Santa Claus, the Snowman...whoever it is that controls the weather at this time of the year!

Also last night I was trying to finish this fic I'm working on about Sherlock having nightmares ([ profile] flecalicious  keeps having to reign in my more melodramatic tendencies...woops! lol.) but Sherlock just wouldn't cooperate!  You know how he gets, all closed off and everything, so my writing spurt didn't happen.  John was very helpful...just that irritating flatmate of his! 

Anyhoo I'm trying to catch up with misfits atm...missed most of the first series but am loving the second so I'm trying to catch up on all the ones I missed!  There is also a cake to be made, no occasion just want to eat lots of cake...and then I wonder why I can't lose weight...oh well, cake's worth it!

EDIT: Since posting this it has actually started to snow and settle! Yay! :D
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2010-11-16 10:51 pm
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Right so this stupid project proposal I'm supposed to write for Friday is just not getting done!!!  GAH!  I keep getting distracted by LJ (reading fics is so much more fun than reading psychology articles!)  Then instead of continuing my attempt at working I decided to take a break (goodness knows why!) and went to the pub quiz across the road (we lost rather least I knew some of the answers, like who got engaged today and who won the F1 championship).  And now I'm back home I'm once again on LJ rather than doing my degree work!  Damn it!

On the plus side (and to stop this being a rant about not getting my work done, which in all fairness is totally my fault but I can't help it) [ profile] flecalicious  sent me this GORGEOUSLY HOT pic of the knights in Merlin...seriously I have not stopped staring! (it's all G rated but is still seriously sexy!) 


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2010-11-13 04:17 pm
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Yay!  The wonderful [ profile] flecalicious has come to stay with me at uni for the weekend! 

Last night was a fangirl's dream!  We watched epic amounts of SGA (I'm introducing her to the wonders of it, we just finished s1 so got a way to go yet!  But it's great coz it means I get to relive what it was like watching them for the first time!) and Sherlock (yeah we 'may' have watched SiP and the Pilot one after the other...comparing the awesomeness! lol).  There was a lot of squeeing involved, I think it may have disturbed my flatmates!

Well we're off to the student union bar/club tonight with some of my other friends who graduated last year, so looks set to be another epic night!  This is gonna be a weekend of WIN!
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2010-11-05 11:52 pm
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Cameo episode

Right so I think I've said this is one of my other posts but I'm part of my university's student television station, one of the station managers in fact!  We do loads of different shows but I'm the producer of our film review show 'Cameo'. 

All I wanted to say was that the first episode of this term is done now and I'd thought I'd put a link on here.  Mainly because I'm new to LJ and want to write another post! lol.  Anyhoo here's the link, feel free to watch or you can ignore this post and continue with your life! lol. I hope you enjoy it. 
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2010-10-29 09:00 pm
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Sherlock DVD Arrived

Sherlock DVD arrived this morning!! :D 

I have now watched the pilot episode which I totally loved (except the really weird vampire!Sherlock moment going on which just made me burst out laughing!).  Also the commentary on TGG is fantastic!  I love Benedict so bloody much, what an awesome guy! GAH!  ...May have also only just realised that Mycroft is played by Mark Gatiss himself (yes I know I'm an idiot!)

Anyone that is all...just wanted to say how much I love Sherlock!!!!!
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2010-10-24 05:54 pm
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BFI London Film Festival (2)

I want to be able to have a week like the last every week of my life! 

In case you don't know for the last week I have been running around London (mainly Leicester Square) filming parts of the BFI London film festival for my film show for the student television station I help run.

Basically every morning we went and saw a press screening of an awesome film, followed by a press conference with the director, writer and actors of that film, then some afternoons we interviewed film directors, followed up with the premiere of that mornings film in the evening, for some we even got to do interviews on the red carpet!  I wish this was my life...I could do without the insanely early mornings every day but if I got to watch an incredible film I think it's worth it! 

Highlight of the week (in a week of highlights!) was definitely being on the red carpet and getting the autographs of Helena Bonham-Carter and Colin Firth!! (Btw when The Kings Speech comes out in cinemas I highly recommend going to see it!) 

I have also learnt that professional tv press are really no different to student tv stations and they are all really very lovely friendly people!  Unlike the papparazzi who are just sharks and have no sympathy for the poor person they celebs manage to keep upright in the onslaught of flashes they get at red carpet events I will never know...especially in their HUGE heels!  Seriously, respect! 

Oh and also the toilets at the May Fair Hotel are much nicer than those at The Berkeley (I mean at the May Fair there was sweets, incense, relaxing music, individual was sooo posh; The Berkeley just had a lot of marble and flannels.)

But that has been by far the best week of my life to this point and I'm so sad it's over.  I guess I'll just have to make a career of it once I've graduated from uni! : )
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2010-10-15 12:43 pm
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London BFI Film Festival

In case you don't know I'm part of a student television station (the station manager actually! I know who'd have thunk it!).  Anyway I'm also the producer of it's film show Cameo (which is totally awesome and the best show we have!). 

Anyhoo, I'M OFF TO THE LONDON BFI FILM FESTIVAL TODAY!!! (with Cameo hence why the earlier bit is relevant and not just bragging which, having read it back, it does sound like, oops.)  YAY!!

I have been stressing so much about sorting out what we're doing for our Cameo BFI special show, getting red carpet access (oh yes :D) and just general chaotic organisation.  But today we're finally heading up to London and I can't wait!  Will have to force myself to remember I have to make a show and not just stand their gaping at all the amazing stuff! 

Celebs and awesome films here I come!
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2010-10-11 01:49 am
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This Sucks

Not only am I suffering from a really bad cold, I am also completely stressed out about my workload at uni at the moment!  It's not even stuff to do with my degree...why on earth did I ever agree to not only help run a student tv station but also produce one of its best shows!  Seriously the pressure of that and doing final year degree stuff is probably going to kill me!  Uh...and now I am stressed and ill and unable to sleep! :(

Btw sorry, I know this sounds like a pity plea, I just needed to vent a little, feel free to ignore me!
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2010-09-22 11:53 pm
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First post!

Right, um basically this is just a test on how to post things here.  [ profile] flecalicious  showed me how to do it the other day, but this is my first attempt on my own so let me know if this has gone horribly wrong!  

I'm not entirely sure why I'm explaining this since I'm so new to LJ that I don't really have any friends on here yet but whatever this is a voice for my inner monologue! 

For some reason when I start typing I feel like saying anything and everything about me, which is so not what people want to hear!  So please forgive me!  You may also have noticed by now that I ramble an awful lot about absolutely nothing, in fact if you're reading this I'm impressed with your perseverance with absolute rubbish! lol.

Oh well, as fascinating as this post has been, with all its hidden glory and shining brilliance (!) I suppose this satisfies a test post.  No cuts or polls but I think I'm good on those fronts...will just have to write more in future!