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 Thought I'd update you on the phone fiasco, if any of you were interested, which you're probably not but I shall update you anyway! Mwhaha.

So yeah my new phone is now, finally, able to send and receive picture messages, problem fixed.  I still haven't cancelled my old contract, apparently despite receiving the phone in the post today they don't process it for another 2 they really get that many phones being returned?  Anyway I know for sure that cancelling the contract will be ok, I asked this time.  I am now, relatively, stress free...I was so happy I even made up a little song (which I will spare you) and danced around my room, honestly it was such a relief!

Now I can be all excited and manic over going to the Sherlock Q&A tomorrow, which is as things should be! :D

Oh also I posted a new fic on my fic journal the other day (some of you may have seen it already) it's a genderswap and kid!fic and hopefully the first part of a series I'm going to be writing.  Click on the link if you want to read: New Arrivals
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I've now set up a fic journal where I'll be posting all the fics I write from now on (blame flecalicious , I do! :P) 

Anyway if you want to read any fics I write in future (I really hope someone does, unless they're that bad! lol) you'll need to become a member of [ profile] memyheart

I'll still be posting the rambling stuff I've been posting before here but any fics I do will now be posted at [ profile] memyheart.

I've got a few fics in the works at the moment which will be going up soon I hope. :)


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