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 Thought I'd update you on the phone fiasco, if any of you were interested, which you're probably not but I shall update you anyway! Mwhaha.

So yeah my new phone is now, finally, able to send and receive picture messages, problem fixed.  I still haven't cancelled my old contract, apparently despite receiving the phone in the post today they don't process it for another 2 they really get that many phones being returned?  Anyway I know for sure that cancelling the contract will be ok, I asked this time.  I am now, relatively, stress free...I was so happy I even made up a little song (which I will spare you) and danced around my room, honestly it was such a relief!

Now I can be all excited and manic over going to the Sherlock Q&A tomorrow, which is as things should be! :D

Oh also I posted a new fic on my fic journal the other day (some of you may have seen it already) it's a genderswap and kid!fic and hopefully the first part of a series I'm going to be writing.  Click on the link if you want to read: New Arrivals

Phone rage

Jan. 5th, 2011 01:12 am
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 OMG I hate phones.  I hate them with a passion and the companies that sell them!  

After all that stress about the stupid internet allowance on my new phone I finally decided to return it and go for the other phone I was thinking of getting.  Which meant I had to return the phone in the post, but since it was a Sunday the post office was shut and then it was a bank holiday so I finally went in and sent that phone back today.  I had to call up the company on Sunday and tell them I wanted to return it and to cancel the upgrade, the first guy just told me to post it back within the 7day trial period but because of the post office being shut I couldn't so I called them up again and this guy told me it had to be put through on the system, which the other guy hadn't done!  Good job I had to call them up again or I'd be stuck with that stupid deal.

Anyway I went and bought my new phone and it was all going splendidly until I realised today that for some reason it won't receive picture messages, which okay isn't all that important but I want to see pictures!  I did everything they told me to do, literally everything, and it still isn't working!  Why is it not simple? Why!  

So now I've got to sort that out, and I've got to call up the company of my old phone and cancel that contract because they wouldn't do it before they had the phone back (fair enough really) and I'm really worried I won't be able to cancel it for some reason!  

This was supposed to be a nice relaxing break from uni and it was all going so well until this!  Fingers crossed everything works out tomorrow, if not I may actually breakdown.

Apologies for the rant - if you want a happy ending of sorts I'm going to the Sherlock Q&A session with flecalicious on Thursday and then we're going to have a squeefest the next day followed by xbox times!  Maybe this is why the phones have been annoying - the epicness of Thursday has to be balanced by something I suppose.


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