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I don't really have many friends on LJ yet...atm I believe it's just the one...maybe 2 if [ profile] flecalicious  gets a move on! lol.  But regardless I thought I say what an AMAZING birthday I had yesterday! 

Seriously I'd started to give up on the idea of birthdays...apart from getting presents, most of which you usually don't want, there wasn't much that made them special, it was just another day of the year.  Usually something always seems to disappoint you, or something always goes wrong.  Yesterday, however, has totally revitalized my belief in good birthdays! 

From midnight to midnight everything was amazing...even the little things that usually get to me had no effect on my totally blissful happiness!  I had a great night out with this guy I've been flirting with for ages!  I got tonnes of great presents from my family, and in the evening I went out to dinner with all my mates, basically had a private room!  They gave me some more amazing presents and had given the staff a cake to give to me with candles and everything, whilst they all sang happy birthday!  Then when I got home I saw that the lovely [ profile] raging_pancake had given me a birthday shout out and [ profile] flecalicious wrote me a lovely fluffy Sherlock fic...mentioning SGA of course!  It was so lovely!

So I have decided that birthdays are definitely a good thing and I don't think I'll ever forget my 21st...unless of course I end up with amnesia, but then I hope someone will remind me of my best birthday ever!


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