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 OMG!  I love Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat!  It was INCREDIBLE!  There's soooo much to say!

To start with [ profile] flecalicious and I met up with some of the other people from [ profile] sherlockbbc who were all totally lovely.  I may have gotten slightly drunk...I'm gonna stick with 'tipsy'...if you were there, I am very sorry for the non-stop giggling coming from my direction.  

Anyway we went next door to the Picturehouse Cinema where the Sherlock screening of The Great Game was being held with the Q&A session afterwards.  Flecalicious and I went to get our seats and for some bizarre reason, that I'm not going to complain about, the usher told us the seats were 'reserved' but that it was fine and told me to sit there.  

Flecalicious had some problems with her ticket so she went back to the ticket place whilst I looked after our stuff....and who should happen to sit down next to me but STEVEN MOFFAT HIMSELF!!!  I was literally sat there going 'I must remain calm....I must not squee out loud...must be dignified!'.  Next thing, flecalicious came back into the cinema and the same usher, who is an idiot in the best possible way, told her where our actual seats were (turns out they were on the other side of the auditorium).  She then calls me up asking where I am, there is no way I'm going to say 'I'm sitting next to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' whilst I'm sitting next to them because that's just weird!  So she starts waving in my direction and I have to try and subtly wave back so Moffat doesn't think I'm some creepy weirdo!  

Anyway, I moved, had to squeeze past Steven and Mark in the process, felt a bit of an idiot - it genuinely wasn't my fault but I was thinking 'they're going to think I'm some creepy stalker who purposefully sat there to ruin their seating arrangements' casually I was just saying to them 'I'm really sorry about that, I have no idea what happened, it's really silly isn't it...very sorry'...I felt like a bit of an idiot, but OMG IT WAS STEVEN MOFFAT AND MARK GATISS!!!  

So the showing was great and then came the Q&A with them both.  They are sooo lovely it's unreal, it was just like a casual little chat, it was fantastic!  They mentioned slash a few times - Moffat was saying about Sherlock's sexuality and how to Sherlock thinking is sex , then he started saying about 'they're are so many fantasies about them (Sherlock and John) online' and then looked over at Mark and said 'you really need to cut back on that you know.'!!!  It was so brilliant, I love them both sooo much, maybe Gatiss a little more but they are both awesome!

I even asked a question!  I asked if they were thinking of including more of the cases involving mysterious disappearances or thefts - things that ACD did a lot in the books.  Gatiss said that those stories were his favourites and he wanted to work more of those in but they'd have to make them part of something bigger in order to make it work for a 90minute TV show.

Then as we were leaving the cinema Flecalicious and I got both Steven's and Mark's autographs...I will be treasuring them like nothing else! lol.

So essentially last night was the best night EVER!  I was, and still am, so happy about it!  Mark Gatiss is very deserving of the name 'Godtiss' believe me, he is an absolutely lovely guy and just totally incredible, and Steven Moffat is very lovely too.  What I think I liked most about them both was how down to earth they both were, and how proud they were of their show and unlike a lot of producers, writers and directors they seemed totally unconcerned about the fandom and 'slash', which was totally lovely.  

I'm going to have to stop typing now simply because re-living it all is making me start flailing again!
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