Dec. 1st, 2010


Dec. 1st, 2010 08:30 pm
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OMG, it's soooo cold!!  My housemates have turned into heating nazis!  If I put the heating on for an hour I have to make a note of it so that we can 'evenly' split the gas bill at the end of the month!  What they don't seem to have realised is that if I put the heating on for an hour, that heats the entire house and means that they won't need to put the heating on later, which they would have to have done if I hadn't put the heating on!  Uh, it's ridiculous!  So I'm sitting in a house barely reaching 14 degrees's freezing! (Ok it's warmer than outside which is someting like -7 celsius at the moment but indoors should be warmer than this!)

Plus where is the snow?  Everywhere in the UK seems to have snow except here!  Now is the perfect time for it too coz I don't need to drive anywhere; if snow keeps me here with the heating nazis over Christmas I will be wanting words with Santa Claus, the Snowman...whoever it is that controls the weather at this time of the year!

Also last night I was trying to finish this fic I'm working on about Sherlock having nightmares ([ profile] flecalicious  keeps having to reign in my more melodramatic tendencies...woops! lol.) but Sherlock just wouldn't cooperate!  You know how he gets, all closed off and everything, so my writing spurt didn't happen.  John was very helpful...just that irritating flatmate of his! 

Anyhoo I'm trying to catch up with misfits atm...missed most of the first series but am loving the second so I'm trying to catch up on all the ones I missed!  There is also a cake to be made, no occasion just want to eat lots of cake...and then I wonder why I can't lose weight...oh well, cake's worth it!

EDIT: Since posting this it has actually started to snow and settle! Yay! :D


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